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This might be news to you, BUT placentas are amazing. Your body grew this beautiful organ to nurture your baby throughout pregnancy and there are some truly awesome benefits that your placenta can provide during the postpostpartum period and even beyond.

Some reported benefits of placenta encapsulation include: quicker healing and recovery, decreased postpartum bleeding, increased energy, strong milk supply, less postpartum hair loss, and a more balanced mood.


  • ​All capsules used are vegetarian size 0 capsules

  • Doula clients receive a $50 discount...yay!


Preparation Options

Encapsulation $300

Raw: Placenta is rinsed and drained of excess blood and then put into the dehydrator.  The Raw method does render a more potent capsulse and may not be the best choice for moms with a history of anxiety or insomnia.


Basic Heated: Placenta is rinsed and drained of excess blood and then steamed prior to dehydration.


                                 Add Ons

Smoothie Cubes: Raw Placenta is sliced into small cubes and frozen.  The cubes can then be added to smoothies or taken with juice. 

Entire Placenta: $120

1-2 week supply $30

Tincture $35: Placenta is aged in 100 proof alcohol for 6 weeks. Tincture is a great way to extend the benefits of placenta consumption long after your capsules are gone. It can be great at times of hormonal transition, weaning, even menopause.

Umbilical For Keepsake$25: Your umbilical cord is dehydrated and returned to you in a small keepsake bag. A special way to remember and commemorate the connection that you and your baby shared while they were in the womb. The cord can be dehydrated in a shape (such as a heart). 

Placenta Print $35: Placentas are amazing and unique organs. A placenta print is like taking a finger print of your placenta. An artsy way of honoring the organ that helped to grow your baby.