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My name is Kristina and this was our first baby. I took Hypnobirthing class and hoped for a natural, non-medicated birth. At 41 weeks and 1 day, I had my membranes swept and went into labor that evening.


First of all, I don’t like to say “my birth story” because it wasn’t just mine. My labor (that part was mine) was such a team effort and I really feel like it was all of our birth story. I don’t think my little baby Eliana would have been able to come naturally and without medications if it weren’t for the amazing support of my husband and Meghan. It was a journey and as difficult as it felt at the time, now I miss that day. It was so special to be together, fully present with no interruptions; just 100% focused on this one little baby and her birth into the world.


I live 45 minutes from the hospital so even though I was pretty early in labor, I just couldn’t stay home and relax. I was so worried I would fall asleep and not make it to the hospital. Because of that, I got there a lot earlier than I probably needed to and unfortunately it made my labor seem that much longer. I texted Meghan at about 1am and she was there within a half hour. She came with a big ol’ purse full of birth goodies.


Even before the big day, Meghan was a great emotional support and just knowing that she had actually given birth twice with Hypnobirthing made me feel at ease. I felt like I could look at her for reassurance and really believe her when she said, “You can do it.”


Not only did she help me by suggesting different things during labor (like using eye shades which I LOVED and playing music), but she also gave my husband a much-needed break and just helped him to support me better. I think he was also calmer and more comfortable having an experienced woman there who wasn’t nervous or stressed.


Most of my labor was pretty intense and even though I dozed off quite a bit between surges, I remember constantly having Meghan and my husband at my side. While one of them massaged my back during a surge, the other was holding my hand. While one of them helped feed me food or give me water, the other was reading affirmations. After some time of not progressing, I had to make some tough decisions. They both were so supportive, helping me think it through but letting me decide what I thought was best. I’m so grateful that neither of them pressured me at all, nor showed how truly tired they must have been (it was a very long labor). They just continuously stayed by my side, doing whatever they needed to to keep me comfortable and help meet my wishes.


At the very end of my labor, while I was in "Laborland" as they say, it was the most intense and challenging part. I remember with each surge I couldn't help but scream and I looked up at Meghan and she would make eye contact with me, reminding me to breathe and "Om" through it. Between surges I would release her hand then once another came, the first thing I did was squeeze her hand again and she would start Oming with me, even my husband was in on it! (And I know he never would have thought to do that without Meghan leading the show haha.)

Once the baby was finally here (8 lbs. and healthy as can be!), Meghan stayed with us for a while longer while we got settled. She helped me breastfeed and made sure we were all cozy and ready to be left alone. I was SO grateful for all of her help and support, and even in the weeks that followed she checked on us and the baby. 

Meghan is an amazing person and awesome doula - she's super sweet, kindhearted and just has a great energy about her. Thanks to both her and my husband, we were able to get through a very long and challenging labor and now I will always have the memory of OUR birth story and bringing our beautiful daughter into the world!" 

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